Welcome to my Flute Blog Page!  Through this blog I'd love to share my knowledge and parts of my musical life with you. in 2016 I received the French Award: Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres. As recipient of the award my first entries will contain some background - particularly in the context of my French Flute playing, and the time I spent in France under the tutelage of Alain Marion & Jean-Pierre Rampal. (You'll also find a subpage of flute tips & lessons in the subheadings of this blog taken from my Youtube Channel. I also intend to add vlogs directly to the page)

After my studies with Victor McMahon, Margaret Crawford and Michael Scott at the Sydney Conservatorium of music, I went to to study the flute in Paris at the age of eighteen. With Alain Marion and Jean -Pierre Rampal as my teachers I learnt that the flute- with all its vocal inflections and possibilities of colour and sound, represents all aspects of the human voice.

For me, flute lessons with Alain Marion contained hidden treasures - the possibilities of the cave of Ali Baba! In France I was shown how to express all facets of the human condition through music . At this point in my  life " the flute is a voice " became my motto! Through the flute sound of these two great masters, one could hear countless stories :

The Tales of the Thousand and One Nights , the tender song  of a mother for her baby, the smoke filled haze of an opium den, the temptations of the flesh, the anguish of heart-break, death and destruction, nostalgia and loss. All the colours in the palette of life. 

For me it was like a home coming to learn this philosophy, this  way of playing. Music gives us an absolute connection on the most important levels: physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectualFien music ful fills  divine homesickness that exists in each of us. It speaks to our subconscious and  to our conscious desires. Music is a hidden language we all understand.

 The flute is an instrument of breath. Instruments breathing are closest to the heart . To make music on the act of breathing is the oldest form of alchemy: transforming the breath that keeps us alive in the music that nourishes our soul. It is no coincidence that the verb "to be inspired " has the same Latin root as the verb "breathe." From the first cry of humanity, our innate desire for expression found many voices . For me, the flute is that voice!

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