internationally renowned flautist Jane Rutter offers a unique program for Flute students and Music students of all instruments. Schools have the choice of presenting Jane in a public concert with the students, giving them the opportunity to perform with one of the world’s leading solo flautists. The concert can be a successful fund-raiser for the community.

Jane’s masterclass & performance program allows in-depth exploration of musical ideas, technique and philosophy.

A passionate teacher, renowned for her dynamic performances, Jane’s classes allow students to ‘check in’ regarding their music work and to find the ‘bel-canto’ voice within. Sometimes one–on–one or small group teaching is available.

The masterclass focuses on:

  • Daily practice: How to organise an effective and fulfilling practice regime
  • Professional performance techniques
  • Crossing the barrier to the audience: the philosophy of music / joy in musical expression.
  • Aspects of the music and recording industries
  • The techniques of sound & tone production
  • Joy in music making

Masterclasses can be tailored specifically, making it possible for students to focus on special areas of need, including  music exams and performance anxiety. 

Any instrument or voice will benefit from this program (students need not be only flute students). Most can be included in the performance regardless of level.

The masterclass is usually 2 hours in duration, (followed by the option of a short rehearsal of one or two pieces if students are to perform with Jane). Jane can work as a soloist with the school choir, school orchestra, or a smaller ensemble. 







I thank Jane Rutter for her work with SCEGGS musicians. The master class experience has been most worthwhile, not only for the participants, but also for the observers from elective music classes. Girls felt proud of their performances, and parents and school community were impressed with their confidence and approach to the event. We look forward to her return visit' for further master classes at some time in the future. -Dr Felicia Chadwick Head of Music SCEGGS, Darlinghurst

Magical Masterclass

Fairholme College musicians were treated to a rare opportunity to participate in, or witness as audience, a performance master class with one of Australia’s leading musicians. Jane Rutter divides her time between a busy schedule enthralling audiences and teaching throughout the world from two home bases, Sydney and Paris. Ms Rutter worked with 5 of Toowoomba’s leading flute students in an open teaching situation while relating her comments to the wider world of music performance and other instruments. The Fairholme Chamber Strings, and friends from Toowoomba Grammar, then had the opportunity to workshop and perform with Jane Rutter. Ms Rutter was both warm and generous with the sharing of her talent and knowledge, and left those present secure in the knowledge of the importance of their collective efforts to be engaged in music as the highest form of human expression and communication! We look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the future. Fairholme girls rejoiced in the opportunity to workshop and perform with Jane Rutter.-Rod Egerton, Co-ordinator of Instrumental MusicFairholme College

About Jane Rutter from Richard Gill OAM:

Ms Rutter has done much to promote music for the flute and the flute generally, here and abroad. Her tireless work has seen her involved in a number of projects, all emanating from her active and very creative brain and each project marked with a strong sense of musical worth, high artistic merit and universal appeal. Ms Rutter is very much a musician for the common man; this not to say that she plays down to people but she makes her music accessible to all. In her work she is inclusive of everyone and values all listeners and all students. Her advocacy for music and the flute is exemplary and her initiative is equally so. I support her without qualification...-Richard Gill OAM Hon Doc Mus (ECU) Hon Doc (ACU)

 Brisbane Boys' College School Performance by Jane Rutter

As the audience began to arrive for Jane Rutter’s performance of ‘An Australian in Paris’ you could feel the excitement in the air. For the first time an international recording star was going to perform in our new College Hall.The entertainment I was privileged to enjoy for the next two hours was truly magnificent. Jane is Australia’s best known flautist and the opportunity to listen to the beautiful music she created was a very special treat. Words could never adequately convey the atmosphere she created on the night. The pieces she played were beautifully intertwined with the stories she told of her life in Paris as a student. All who were there on Tuesday night were entranced by her virtuoso performances. it was exciting to see a number of young men and women in the audience, who aspire to be performers in their own right, witness Jane in concert...they left the concert inspired and even more resolved to make the commitment required to perform at the highest level.It was also very rewarding to see an international star give so generously of her time. Jane is passionate about music education for young people. If you get a chance to work with Jane Rutter I can assure you that it will be a truly memorable experience.  -Mr Graeme McDonald Brisbane Boys'College





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