Flute Advice from Maestro Flutist & Teacher Raymond Guiot

When at my other home (Paris) I always visit my friend (& ex- flute teacher), Raymond Guiot, who is so generous with his musical knowledge and time. Here’s a quick interview in which we discussed how there are so many great flute players in the world now (perhaps thanks to the French Flute School!), so competition is tough. A piece of advice from Monsieur Guiot on how to stay within the Classical Flute World whilst at the same time attracting an audience!
Raymond Guiot advice about repertoire & Audience
He and I share similar views on this- my motto being that if you play musically, with a superb technique, and a spiritual/emotional connection to the music, then it is of little importance which genre of music you’re playing. With a good taste-it will be Fine Music. Francis Poulenc said Je suis un musician sans etiquetteI am a musician without boundaries! I concur…
I find that the addition of a more popular piece to a classical flute concert can often increase the emotional accessibility for more highbrow pieces in the same concert…


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  • That is fantastic advice. Thank you. Are there specific pieces you recommend, or should we (like Siegfried) forge our own sword and go out there

    • Haha 🙂 Thanks for your Siegfried comment- Let you imagination run free- be present to music that sings to you…look outside the classical flute repertoire- violin, cello, oboe, pieces, Art Songs, Pop Songs (for example my recording of He Aint Heavy He’s my Brother was inspired because I just love the melody so much… the elegiac string arrangement courtesy of my pal #RickyEdwards Hope this helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWN42mx8Tkw 🙂

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