Selection from Flute Spirit Dreams and Improvisations

Jane Rutter
Jane Rutter


Jane Rutter’s magic flute conjures a world of memory and yearning that carries you into the realm of

dreams, where colours are brighter, sounds are sweeter and you never want to wake up.

Harmonies quiver and melt away into single notes, haunting melodies flash in and out like memories

of love, pulsing notes whirr around the didgeridoo like the flutter of a bird’s wing. If this is the sound

of the spirit coming home, then it is to the glorious garden of creation where the most sublime song

of the flute is heard.Let this music take you to that place.– Rachael Kohn The Spirit of Things ABC Radio National


In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the flute is created by the god Pan: Pan’s breath on the reeds of the river bank makes the beautiful sound which transforms the nymph, Syrinx, for evermore into the flute or panpipes. The flute is the oldest instrument known to man, dating back some 40,000 years. In every civilisation on every continent there is to be a found a different form of the flute.

Anthropologists believe early humans used the flute when language was inadequate. I have always loved the shimmering soporific sounds found in non-Western music: the quarter and eighth tones seem to set up the concept of parallel times and universes.

Instruments of the breath are closest to the heart. Making music from the act of breathing is the earliest form of alchemy: turning the breath that keeps us alive into the music that feeds our soul. There is a mystical, religious, musical and communicative thread woven through many of the world’s cultures. All are connected through the flute, and its spirit God known as Pan, Krishna, Kokopelli and many other names too. 


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